bruschetta con olio del bianco colli assisi Spoleto

Our commitment to biodiversity

The ancient cultivars of the Assisi countryside are the result of a selection made both by man and by nature with the passage of time; they have evolved in forms and with genetic characteristics that allow plants to resist and adapt to climate change. In a world where the climate changes so rapidly, it is easy to understand how much the fruits of this territory represent a precious asset to be protected and preserved for the very future of humanity. To produce Del Bianco Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use cultivation techniques aimed at absorbing 10 kg of Co2 for each liter of olive oil produced. For us, respecting biodiversity means not only keeping these crops alive, but constantly renewing knowledge and techniques as a function of sustainable management of the territory and landscape.

Del bianco EVO oil: a story to tell

Our artisanal manufacturing gives the raw materials an important added value, because it allows us to obtain unique products: more complex from an organoleptic point of view, capable of recounting a local culture, free from seasonal cycles and therefore from market fluctuations. We are growers, producers and we are also supporters of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. A mission that we started carrying with a lot of dedication and state-of-the-art processing techniques that ensure our Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Assisi-Spoleto Hills is of excellent quality.

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