Extra virgin olive oil umbria colli Assisi-Spoleto

Azienda Agricola Del Bianco was founded in 2017 by Giovanni and David Del Bianco, two Umbrian brothers in their 20s who decided to join forces and skills to make a dream come true: to enhance their territory by producing an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, with a dynamic and innovative business model rooted in a territory, that of the Assisi-Spoleto Hills, recognized by FAO as a world agricultural heritage.

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Innovation and sustainability are two key elements of Olio Del Bianco. We are located in Umbria, one of the reference regions in the world for the manufacturing of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

David del bianco trattore uliveto assisi
Olio Del Bianco Olio Extra Vergine d'oliva Assisi

We have therefore chosen modern, integrated and ecological production methods in full respect of the biodiversity of a natural landscape with few equals in Italy.

Our love affair with olive oil

Everyday we cover multiple roles, moving in a state of constant change: from olive growers to agronomists, from packers to marketers, we are ready to give our best 24/7 to serve you a product of excellence. Del Bianco Extra Virgin Olive Oil has firm roots in the tradition of these lands, from which we draw the right inspiration to update a journey made of quality, taste and authenticity. The result is an oil made of:


To promote the richness of the olive-growing area of Assisi to the world.


It guides us in facing the challenges of the future with confidence and enthusiasm.


We check the whole manufacturing process to offer you a healthy and certified oil.


Our daily enthusiasm sublimates in a product that does not fear competition.